Design, Techology & Construction


The elevated position of the train track prevents people or animals from coming into contact with the track. There are no level crossings and the risk of vandalism or sabotage is limited. Due to the shielded design of the rail track, weather conditions will not impair train operations. Additionally, the track is provided with computer controlled surveillance and security monitoring systems.

The cabins move one-way only per track with at least 1800 meters intermittent distance. After passing of a cabin, 1800 meters of the track behind the cabin is made power free, to ensure cabins can never collide. The breaking system provides enough deceleration capacity to ensure bogie plus cabin can come to a complete standstill from maximum speed in 900 meters.

Emergency batteries allow for low-speed recovery of cabins to the nearest station in case of a power outage. Each cabin is equipped with escape systems (comparable to airplane escape slides) that can be operated in case of an emergency.