May 2012
A proposal was submitted to the Provincial authorities of Groningen and Friesland (the Netherlands) for the construction of a 58 km line connecting the cities of Groningen and Heerenveen. The favourable investment and commercial operation this would involve have attracted political interest.

March 2012
Qatar has requested the provision of a system for passenger transport in connection with the Football World Cup in 2018.

December 2011
OMFL (Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Flevoland) is interested in constructing an OTS system to link Lelystad Airport to the city of Lelystad, possibly with an onward connection to Almere and Amsterdam.

October 2011
Abu Dhabi contacted OTS about a combination of passenger transport and freight containers. The transport system would be constructed across several islands and lakes, eliminating the need for large buildings.

August 2011
We were awarded a contract to construct an OTS above 4 pipes, each 15 m in diameter and 75 km long, in Jakarta, Indonesia. These connections will be combined with the existing, very outdated drains and sewers.

July 2011
Australian train builders are interested in the construction of 450 km suspended rail system to make it easier to cross water barriers and desert regions. Offer and information are under consideration of interested parties.

Design, Techology & Construction

Production & Construction

One feature of the OTS system is the high degree of uniformity in the various components and parts, which enables highly efficient industrial production.

The scale of the project justifies investments in automatic production machinery and robots. The cabling, power supply and control systems can be installed in the assembly factory. Production can be largely automated safeguarding high quality while minimizing the risk of human error.

Components and parts yet to be installed can be transported from the production or unloading site along previously installed system sections.

The track forms no barrier in agricultural and natural areas; roads and waterways are not disturbed. Land use is limited. Stations can be built above car parks or Park & Ride sites and track sections can largely be constructed to suit local requirements.