Key Features

The OTS Design consists of an elevated, small train track tunnel supported by columns and arches. Electrically powered bogies travel through the tunnel with passenger-carrying cabins or containers hanging beneath, connected to the bogies through slot openings.

The maximum weight of one entire moving element is 16 tons resulting in a relatively light-weight, yet solid and robust construction. The train track tunnel is supported by columns at an intermittent distance of 60 meters.

Passengers travel in comfortable 40 passenger cabins connected to the bogies, typically between 4 to 8 meters above ground level to allow for uninterrupted road crossing under the train track.

The bogies are powered individually through electrically driven engines built inside the bogie wheels. Current design allows for a maximum travel speed of up to 200 kph.

Departure frequency per cabin can be as high as 2 per minute, resulting in a maximum passenger capacity of 4800 people per hour.