There are numerous features to the OTS design which lead to practical and realistic advantages over conventional transport systems which can be employed in your area:
  • Usage in densely populated areas with congestion;
  • Removing bottlenecks where current infrastructure capacity is fully utilized;
  • Feeder systems: connect an airport with the mainland and/or the capital city;
  • Uninterrupted and fast transportation system without rail track crossings;
  • Overcome obstacles: deserts, wetlands and other adverse land conditions that can obstruct ground bound rail tracks;
  • Innovation visibility: launch a modern and attractive design that triggers further technological development;
  • Energy efficiency - low energy consumption per passenger kilometer;
  • Speed & Flexibility: 200 kph on-demand transportation;
  • Safety: the OTS train track is inaccessible for humans and animals;
  • Investment and cost of ownership: OTS is economically more attractive then conventional railway systems.